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Healthline works with the world’s largest healthcare brands to solve pressing issues and pursue new opportunities.

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taxonomy The Definitive Source for Health Information

Our Semantic Taxonomy is the largest, most clinically accurate classification of health information available on the web, and it powers all the solutions we deliver.

  • Medical Terms 2,000,000
  • Total Medical Concepts 700,000
  • Symptoms 32,000
  • Anatomy Terms 5,000

Intelligent Health Information and Technology Solutions

Healthline enables large and small healthcare organizations - including payors, providers, publishers, and marketers - to address major opportunities while also solving really big problems. How can we help you?

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Search and Discovery Solutions

Leverage Healthline technologies to build and power desktop and mobile applications that increase user engagement, deliver personalized information, and lower costs, all while improving health outcomes.

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Data Solutions

Unlock the potential and hidden value of both disparate sources and unstructured health data, all while delivering actionable new insights.

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Content Solutions

Deliver constantly–updated, clinically accurate health information, news and interactive visual resources to patients, members, and website visitors.

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Marketing Solutions

Reach and engage your most important audiences with pinpoint accuracy leveraging Healthline marketing and advertising solutions.

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Bing Health and Fitness app Microsoft developers leveraged Healthline technologies and content to build and power the Bing Health & Fitness App for Windows 8.1.

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Developers for the world’s biggest brands create innovative web and mobile apps using Healthline information and technology.

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Trust the Experts. We Do.

The Healthline Medical Advisory Board is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized medical experts who evaluate our Healthline HealthReference library, HealthNews service and VisualResources information, and make recommendations on the vision, direction and accuracy of Healthline solutions.

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