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Death to the Click-Through Rate

Death to CTR2-02

The click-through rate (CTR) has been a much-discussed topic among many Internet marketing thought leaders. It’s not always the most effective measurement for the advertising industry, especially for content marketers who want to reach a highly targeted audience. In an interview with iMedia Connection in 2013, Morpheus Media’s CMO Shenan Reed remarked, “The thought that…

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SXSW Q&A Series: Meet Murray Brozinsky and Phil Marshall

Murray.Phil_Blog Post

With just one day remaining until PanelPicker voting for SXSW 2015 closes, we sit down one-on-one with Healthline’s Murray Brozinsky (@mbrozinsky) and Conversa Health’s Phil Marshall, MD, MPH (@philmarshallmd) for a close-up look at their proposed “The Changing Face of Health: Big Data Predictions” panel session. In this final interview of our SXSW Q&A series,…

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SXSW Q&A Series: Meet Joe Bormel and Dean Stephens

Joe and Dean_Blog Post

In the next decade, more than 90 percent of healthcare data will be unstructured. What will this mean for the healthcare industry and for patient care? How do we make the best use of all this valuable data? Former ONC Medical Officer and Director of Health Outcomes Joe Bormel (@jbormel) and Healthline’s CEO Dean Stephens…

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SXSW Q&A Series: Meet Ann Silberman and David Kopp

Ann.David_Blog Post

In part one of our SXSW Q&A series, we sat down with breast cancer survivor and patient advocate Ann Silberman (@ButDocIHatePink) and Healthline’s own EVP and Media Group General Manager David Kopp (@Kopportunity) to get a sneak peek at what they will be discussing during their proposed SXSW 2015 session on cancer care. The both of them…

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Mobile Media: Making it Work (Part 2)


Mobile Health Starts and Ends With Mobile Last week, I discussed the importance of mobile health for pharma marketers and shared some research insights. But how can we engage the mobile health seeker? We’re embarking on a new era within mobile health information and pharma advertising. As we continue to capture more data and conduct…

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SXSW 2015 PanelPicker Voting Begins Today – Vote for Healthline!


PanelPicker voting for the much-anticipated SXSW 2015 kicks off today! Every year, SXSW lets the public help decide which panel ideas take the stage at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX on March 13-17, 2015. This year, Healthline teamed up with several powerful industry people – breast cancer patient advocate Ann Silberman, health tech guru…

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Antibiotic Resistance: Why Our Best Medical Weapon Is Losing Its Edge

Antibiotic Resistance

Drug-resistant bacteria kill 23,000 Americans a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and widespread antibiotic misuse and overuse is making the epidemic worse. While billions of good bacteria help keep people alive, many strains are deadly. Humans got an advantage on harmful bacteria with the discovery of antibiotics, which have eradicated many deadly…

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Mobile Media: Making it Work (Part 1)

Blog Image

Mobile Health – It’s Not Just About Apps or Wearables There’s huge buzz around the Google Fit, Apple Health Kit, wearables and activity tracking apps. There’s even a new product that tracks your hydration (which could be a game changer).  But to help the pharma marketer with the here and now, we need to keep…

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