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We’re in the Right Business at the Right Time

Good news for the affordable care act, “several insurers that have been sitting on the sidelines say they will sell policies on the new exchanges in the coming year, and others plan to expand their offerings to more states.” Abelson, Reed. Insurers Once on the Fence Plan to Join Health Exchanges in 2015. New York…

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Welcoming Pharma Advertisers to Socially Inspired Video Content

The diagnosis of a disease or condition is a serious and scary thing to face. Sometimes, this can leave people feeling alone. But they need to know that they’re not alone. They need to hear “You’ve Got This.” You Got This from Healthline What It Is: The “You’ve Got This” program illuminates how social provides…

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Helping to Fill Big Gaps in Healthcare with “Big Data”

Healthline announced today its new Data Solutions offering, which we will debut at the upcoming HIMSS 2014 Conference. Digital health and wellness data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and other clinical systems, administrative systems, health claims, consumer tracking devices & wearables, genomics, and other sources will create more than…

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The New Reality: Mobile Only

Healthcare brands looking to make connections with contextually relevant audiences really have to be thinking about mobile. Everything we know today points to one simple fact: if your brand isn’t on mobile, you’re not on the Internet.

Top Five Social Trends for 2014

It’s snowing outside but social is on fire! I just got back to work from the ePharma conference (a digital marketing event for the pharmaceutical industry) and was shocked and excited by all the social talk.  Almost every speaker and panel mentioned social. Clearly, its because marketers interested in creating connections and relationships with consumers need to…

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Bringing the Microsoft Bing Health & Fitness App to Life for Windows 8.1

MSFT Bing Health Fitness App - Healthline Body Maps

We officially announced this week our work on the Microsoft Bing Health & Fitness app, available as a featured app in Windows 8.1, which incorporates Healthline’s taxonomy, HealthReference library, and visual assets as core components of its offering. Healthline partner, Visual Health Solutions, brought 3-D imaging to the project and is a co-developer of our Healthline BodyMaps,…

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Welcome to a New Healthline

Healthline Logo

Welcome to a new Healthline. As you can see, we’ve updated our look — a new logo, new typeface, new color palette — and introduced new ways to serve our business customers, including healthcare marketers, payors, providers and publishers. If you’re new to Healthline, we’d love to work with you, too. We will be rolling…

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