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Heading for Home: Goodbye Nepal

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The last few days have been action-packed, and my work in Nepal is coming to a close. As an emergency physician, my skills will soon be much less needed than those of orthopedic and plastic surgeons, as well as primary care and infectious disease specialists. Because of the incredible outpouring of active interest from persons…

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Reaching Beyond Kathmandu

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The earthquake in Nepal caused immense damage to people and property not only in Kathmandu, but also in a widespread area extending to Mt. Everest and in many other directions. Victims on Mt. Everest and in Kathmandu proper appropriately received a great deal of attention, but equally important has been the plight of persons trapped…

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Aiding Survivors of the Nepal Earthquake Disaster: Day 2


Today in Kathmandu, Nepal was quite different from yesterday. The city has certainly sprung back remarkably. Although its citizens face enormous challenges, the streets were nearly full with traffic, rubble actively being cleared from obstructing piles, and people walking and resuming commerce. There are an estimated 16 camps within the boundaries of Kathmandu, where people…

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Healthline Introduces New Coding InSight Application for Risk Adjustment

HDE-Coding InSight

Today, thousands of healthcare professionals, including healthcare IT’s most influential leaders, are gathering at the McCormick Place in Chicago to kick off the first day of HIMSS15. I get excited every year at the ever-growing number of attendees, the valuable sessions and programming, the networking opportunities and all the various companies exhibiting. This year, I’m…

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Healthline Teams Up with the FDA

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At Healthline.com, our mission is to deliver health information that educates, engages and inspires people to get healthier. Today, through a new partnership with the FDA, we are expanding our online content to include FDA Consumer Updates that provide important information concerning public health and safety topics, such as FDA alerts on emerging issues and…

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The Future of the Connected Healthcare System: A Fully Aligned Payment Model for Patient, Provider, Pharma and HIT

If we are not at a tipping point in the shift from fee-for-service to a value-based payment model, we are certainly at an inevitability point. Eighty-one percent of providers and 90 percent of payers are using some mix of value-based reimbursement (VBR) combined with fee-for-service (FFS). Providers and payers using mixed models today are anticipating…

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The Future of Big Data: Deep Learning

The use of anesthesia eliminated one of humankind’s greatest fears – the pain of surgery. A young dentist and renowned surgeon made history on October 16, 1846 with the first successful surgical procedure performed with anesthesia. In the 1870s, healthcare was revolutionized by the germ theory of disease, which led to public health efforts and…

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