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Healthline powers health information and technology solutions for health publishers and providers of Big Data all over the world. The world’s biggest brands build innovative web and mobile apps using Healthline information and technology.

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Available via RESTful API, JSON, XML, RSS and custom output options.

search Search & Discovery Solutions

  • Query Parsing
  • Health and Medical Concept Mapping
  • Indexing
  • HealthClinic Decision Support App
    • Drug Search
    • Symptom Checker
    • Doctor Search
    • Pill Identifier
    • Drug Compare
    • Drug Interactions
  • HealthEngage Patient Engagement Apps
    • Explainer Tools
    • Content Discovery
    • Suggested Search
    • Spell Checker
    • HealthLinker
    • BodyMaps

book Content Solutions

  • HealthReference
  • Library Visual Learning Tools
  • HealthNews Feed

graph Data Solutions

  • Health and Wellness Concept Mapping
  • Medical Concept Mapping

Partner Implementations

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Elsevier is the world’s largest medical publisher. Their library includes more than 250 Million documents that are stored in disparate locations and formats. Healthline’s Taxonomy and Search technology made it possible for doctors, nurses, and researchers to search and access this massive library from a single interface, called Clinical Key.

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Member portals provide a critical opportunity for payers to improve outcomes and cut costs by steering their members to the right providers. Aetna leveraged Healthline’s taxonomy and search tools to provide an exceptional Provider Search experience for their members. As a result, utilization of the member portal has increased while calls to Member Services decreased.

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Yahoo! needed a domain expert to power its health channel and provide exceptional search tools in order to maximize consumer engagement. Healthline built and hosts Yahoo! Health, a fully integrated portal which receives over 20 million unique visitors per month. Since its partnership with Healthline, Yahoo! has achieved consistent annual increases in health ad revenue.

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Healthline’s Semantic Health Taxonomy Platform makes the pinpoint delivery of massive amounts of highly contextual health and wellness information possible. The platform powers all Healthline HIT Solutions,, and our partner sites. The world’s biggest brands use our technology to build complex desktop and mobile apps. How can we help you?

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