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Healthline’s Taxonomy Powers the Intelligence of Health Information Solutions.

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By readily mapping the relationships between consumer and clinical terminology, a rich semantic taxonomy enables the intelligence in clinical applications that anticipates the user’s goal. Healthline’s Semantic Taxonomy is the largest and most clinically accurate in the healthcare industry.

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Limitless Applications. Unlimited Possibilities.

The applications of Healthline’s Semantic Taxonomy extend across many industries, including: health insurance, pharmaceutical, hospital systems, and health information systems. Here is how the Taxonomy is used to power health solutions:

Query Parsing and Analysis

Sophisticated algorithms reference the Taxonomy to evaluate the semantic intention of a query, and identify medical concepts for search and discovery purposes.

Concept Identification

Advanced search and indexing mechanisms reference the Taxonomy to identify medical concepts in structured and unstructured content, facilitating countless applications, including automatic hyperlinking, data mining, or profiling.

Data Normalization

Intricate data mining engines reference the Taxonomy to aggregate data from disparate sources in order to power search, discovery, and analytics.

Data Enrichment

Clinical applications reference the Taxonomy to identify medical concepts and then return related clinical attributes in order to facilitate an actionable user experience.

1+ Million Medical Concepts & Codes
2+ Million Semantic Relationships

The millions of interrelated semantic relationships within Healthline’s Taxonomy, facilitate a deep understanding of the user’s intent regardless of the health language they speak. Whether the starting point is a medical code, symptom, or consumer-friendly term, Healthline’s Taxonomy ensures an exceptional user experience by enabling accurate and real-time prediction of the user’s goal.

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700,000+ Medical Concepts*
90,259 Diseases
40,825 Symptoms
69,754 Procedures
12,337 Clinical Findings
26,842 Drugs
17,411 Anatomy Terms
5,625 Occupations
*Categorized by 20 Semantic Groups and 190 Semantic Types
License Healthline's

Taxonomy Mappings

Mappings are available via RESTful API or data export.

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2,000,000+ Semantic Relationships
Consumer Friendly Names Codes
Medical Name Consumer Friendly Names
Conditions Symptoms
Anatomy Male Symptoms
Anatomy Female Symptoms
Conditions Physician Specialty
Anatomy Physician Specialty
Conditions Diagnostic Procedures
Conditions Treatments
Conditions Medications
Conditions Risk Factors
Unique Features
Homonyms - Positive / Negative / Immunity
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Consumer Friendly Names
Consumer Friendly Definitions
Hierarchical Relationships
Clinical Rules
Proprietary Relationships
Concept Expansion

Show People What They're Looking For

Use Healthline’s Semantic Taxonomy to provide an exceptional user experience.

Streamline the Search Experience Streamline the Search Experience

Streamline the Search Experience

Leverage expansive data on symptoms and conditions to quickly direct users to the right information.

Enrich the Value of Information

Enrich the Value of Information

Create a powerful search experience by leading users to a cascading library of engaging topics.

Take users where they want to go

Take Users Where They Want to go

Enable advanced query analysis and instantly connect consumer terms to relevant clinical concepts.

Partner Implementations

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Microsoft partnered with Healthline to create an anatomical search tool as part of the Bing Health and Fitness application, available via Windows 8.1. The tool is powered by Healthline’s unique taxonomy mappings that readily link body parts to related content, such as symptoms and conditions. Coupled with Healthline’s original health content that was provided in 17 languages, Healthline’s Taxonomy enabled Microsoft to provide an exceptional user experience for its global audience.

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

IBM Watson technology is being made available to developers world-wide in order to power “Cognitive Apps”, including healthcare solutions that will utilize Healthline’s contextually relevant search tools and content. Amongst these apps is one that IBM Watson is developing to help physicians match patients with the most appropriate treatment plans. IBM Watson is leveraging Healthline’s Taxonomy to enable clinical accurate profiling and search.

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Member portals provide a critical opportunity for payers to improve outcomes and cut costs by steering their members to the right providers. Aetna leveraged Healthline’s taxonomy and search tools to provide an exceptional Provider Search experience for their members. As a result, utilization of the member portal has increased while calls to Member Services decreased.