HealthDataEngine Unlock the Power of Unstructured Data

Healthline sheds insight on the 80% of Health Care data that is not being considered.

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Reduce Readmission Rates

$70 Billion dollars are spent on patient readmissions a year. With access to the right data we can help cut costs and improve patient health.

Healthline’s HealthData Engine is powered by our industry-leading Health Taxonomy. Together with our proprietary natural language processing and medically-guided search capabilities, you can:

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Normalize and analyze both structured and unstructured data sets

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Aggregate and rationalize data from disparate locations and in multiple formats

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Source data from both internal and external portals

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Studies show that the best indications of a patient at risk to be readmitted are related to ta psychosocial factors - this type of data has been unstructured and unusable

Readmissions Insight
Leave no Data Behind

The State of Data Today

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Valuable data locked in unstructured text. No unified ontology

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Varied or inconsistent medical coding

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Multiple database systems and vendors

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No unified view of patient populations

Your Data with Healthline's HealthDataEngine

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Scalable search and discovery

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High speed performance and Highspeed query

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Organized and grouped contextually by our taxonomy

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Secure and HIPAA compliant

How Does it Work?

Unlocking the value of unstructured and structured clinical data

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Unstructure patient data

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Semi-structured patient data

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Structured patient data

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  • Content Analytics
  • (NLP, Search, etc.),
  • Taxonomy,
  • Rules Engine
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Patient data extracted, normalized, categorized, and enriched.

Hospital Readmissions

Patient Risk Analysis


Clinical Decision Support

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