Make Your Data More Actionable and Intelligent.

Healthline connects big data across disparate systems and enhances it with the small data it extracts from unstructured text.

Maximize the Value of Your Data

The biggest gap in Big Data analytics is the ability to capture critical health data that is locked in unstructured text of EMRs, lab results, and more. Healthline’s technology and domain expertise enables intelligent search and analysis of data in different formats and places, helping hospitals, researchers, and payers to gather valuable insights that lead to cost savings and better patient outcomes.

Our Intelligent Data Solutions provide semantic natural language processing and data normalization across:

  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Disparate file locations and formats
  • Internal and external portals
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Intelligent Data Solutions. Leave No Data Behind.

Data representation

Your Data

  • Valuable data locked in unstructured text
  • No unified ontology
  • Multiple data systems and vendors
  • No unified view of patient population
  • Varied or inconsistent medical coding
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Healthline Intelligent Data Engine

  • Contextual and clinical taxonomy
  • Scalable search and discovery
  • High precision and recall
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • On-premise or cloud implementation
  • High speed performance
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Search, Query, and Analysis

  • Real-time query and data analysis
  • Precise and contextually relevant results retrieval
  • Unified view of patient data
  • Improved data for population management
  • Efficient for best practices reporting

How Does it Work?

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    Entity Identification and Extraction
    Advanced search and indexing mechanisms reference Healthline’s Semantic Taxonomy to identify medical concepts in unstructured content. Natural language processing is used to extract the most meaningful data.
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    Data Normalization and Integration
    Intricate data mining engines reference the Taxonomy to aggregate data from disparate sources in order to power search, discovery, and analytics.
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    Search and Discovery
    Sophisticated algorithms evaluate the semantic intention of a query and advanced search engines surface relevant patient and population data from structured and unstructured sources.

Designed to Address Healthcare’s Top Data Challenges

Healthline’s Intelligent Data Solutions can be customized to your own business needs and clinical standards, and programmed to surface your most relevant data for clinicians, researchers, and patients.

Curate Relevant Content at the Point of Care
  • A holistic analysis of patients using data from unstructured and structured text can dramatically enhance the clinician-patient experience.
  • Generate proactive suggestions of the most relevant patient education materials.
  • Highlight relevant clinical protocols or periodicals at the time of consult.
  • Proactively remind clinicians of clinical messaging and risk factors.
  • Provide suggestive related data (i.e. related symptoms, related drugs) to streamline the data entry process.
Enhance Population Management
  • Identify patients by criteria stored within structured and unstructured text.
  • Generate prioritized lists of at-risk and vulnerable patients.
  • Quickly define and match patient groups with the most relevant content and messaging.
  • Set target patient profiles and match patients with clinical trials and wellness programs.
Improve Predictive Modeling & Health Economics
  • Profile and track patient groups more effectively by accessing unstructured patient information.
  • Identify data (i.e. complications or comorbidities) from clinical notes to further refine medical coding.
  • Improve underwriting and pricing by merging systems that use different coding methodologies.
Track Regulatory Compliance
  • Track physician activities against meaningful use requirements.
  • Measure patient outcome differentials according to patient activities and clinical treatment.

Partner Implementations

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

IBM Watson technology is being made available to developers world-wide in order to power “Cognitive Apps”, including healthcare solutions that will utilize Healthline’s contextually relevant search tools and content. Amongst these apps is one that IBM Watson is developing to help physicians match patients with the most appropriate treatment plans. IBM Watson is leveraging Healthline’s Taxonomy to enable clinical accurate profiling and search.

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Elsevier is the world’s largest medical publisher. Their library includes more than 250 Million documents that are stored in disparate locations and formats. Healthline’s Taxonomy and Search technology made it possible for doctors, nurses, and researchers to search and access this massive library from a single interface, called Clinical Key.