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Healthline’s Medically Guided Search® is the power behind the platforms and applications of today’s most successful health enterprises.

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Seamless Integration

Healthline’s Search & Discovery technology is designed to seamlessly integrate into any health application. Our domain expertise allows us to provide intelligent search with unmatched clinical accuracy and relevance. Use our technology to index and search across:

  • Internal and external websites
  • Disparate file locations and formats
  • Structured and unstructured data

Power Your Search-Enabled Solutions

Our partners have implemented Healthline’s Search & Discovery technology to drive the intelligence of varying clinical applications that serve providers, patients, and consumers.

Search Tools

Retrieval of ranked results from document warehouses and databases

Natural Language Processing

Identification of clinical concepts and query analysis

Suggestive Search

Provide relevant query suggestions via type-ahead or other navigation

Navigator Tagging

Hyperlinking clinical concepts within a body of content to a set of related search results

Health Linking

Hyperlinking clinical concepts within a body of content to a single reference


Common Applications Include:

Provider Search, Symptom Search, Treatment Search, Health Content Search, Care Plan Search, and more.

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Healthine’s Proprietary Intelligent Concept Mapping.
Enabling Relevance-Based Search.

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    Concept Identification
    Source documents are continuously indexed against our medical taxonomy to identify key medical concepts
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    Concept Tagging
    Documents are then “tagged” with semantically rich data, including synonyms, related terms, and medical codes for each concept
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    Concept Scoring
    Concept mapping is used to evaluate interrelated concepts in the document, and a weighted score is assigned for each concept in the document

World-Class Search Technology That Delivers

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    Precision & Recall
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Comparison testing has shown that Healthline Search beats competitive technology in the retrieval of the "most relevant" health information by nearly 20%.

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Healthline Search is the backbone of enterprise search platforms consisting of more than 1 Billion documents.

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Performance statistics indicate that Healthline returns results FAST. In one study, a single Healthline server returned results is under 420 milliseconds, even when hit with over ninety requests per second.

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Our ability to understand the relationships between millions of clinical concepts in real-time ensure that search results are highly contextualized to the user.

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Intelligent Concept Search Implementation

Our solutions deliver consistently relevant search results by identifying and mapping thousands of interrelated medical concepts in real-time.

Real-Time Indexing

Documents are indexed and ranked in real-time to produce quick and efficient search indexes.

Smart Algorithms

Search algorithms are automatically improved as the semantic database is continuously updated.

Medically Verified Results

Medical informatics specialists follow a rigorous testing protocol to verify the quality of search results.

Specialized Query Analysis

Advanced processing is used to make sense of unstructured inputs, ex.: "Smith heart" is a search for "heart doctor" = "cardiologists" by the name of "Smith".

Custom Built Solutions

Partner solutions can be rapidly integrated and designed for your specific needs. Search results can be provided via RESTful API or data export.


Immediate Solutions

Pre-built or Healthline HeathWeb search results are available for immediate integration.

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Partner Implementations

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Member portals provide a critical opportunity for payers to improve outcomes and cut costs by steering their members to the right providers. Aetna leveraged Healthline’s taxonomy and search tools to provide an exceptional Provider Search experience for their members. As a result, utilization of the member portal has increased while calls to Member Services decreased.

Healthline partner implementation
Healthline partner implementation

Elsevier is the world’s largest medical publisher. Their library includes more than 250 Million documents that are stored in disparate locations and formats. Healthline’s Taxonomy and Search technology made it possible for doctors, nurses, and researchers to search and access this massive library from a single interface, called Clinical Key.

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Healthline’s Semantic Health Taxonomy Platform makes the pinpoint delivery of massive amounts of highly contextual health and wellness information possible. The platform powers all Healthline HIT Solutions,, and our partner sites. The world’s biggest brands use our technology to build complex desktop and mobile apps. How can we help you?

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